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Shaykh Musleh Khan

Shaykh Musleh Khan


Shaykh Musleh Khan commenced his islamic education at the University of Medina in 2002, where he obtained a degree in Islamic Theology in 2010. Shaykh Musleh serves as a Resident Scholar and Lecturer at IIT (Islamic Institute of Toronto) and now develops and instructs classes throughout the city, spends time with youth and is a Guidance Councillor. He was named Chaplain of the Toronto Police Service 32 Division and also serves as a member of the Muslim Consultative Committee.

Shaykh Musleh has led Umrah groups for over a decade and brings his friendly and vibrant personality to each trip. His knowledge and personable conversation style brings a great level of comfort to each group he leads. Shaykh Musleh currently resides in Toronto with his wife and 2 kids.

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