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Shaykh Imran Ally

Shaykh Imran Ally

Imran Ally was born in Guyana and pursued his education at the Islamic Call University, where he graudated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language. He currently serves as one of the longest employed Imams at Taric Islamic Centre, located in the Greater Toronto Area.

He serves as a Director, Advisor and a Consultant on numerous boards involved in civic engagement and interfaith dialogue. Imam Ally is loyal in the field of chaplaincy, where he's been involved in various chaplaincy disciplines, such as law enforcement, health and education. Shaykh Ally is known for being an advocate for volunteering and is known for saying, "If you are not making a difference in your community – there is a deficiency in your understanding and practice of Islam.”

Shaykh Imran has been leading Hajj and Umrah groups for over a decade. His passion for spiritual growth and his vast knowledge of islamic studies is illustrated through his seerah tours and dynamic discussions in each of his Hajj and Umrah groups. Currently, Shaykh Imran resides in Toronto with his wife and three sons.

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