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Dr. Munir El Kassem

Dr. Munir El Kassem

Dr. Munir El Kassem was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He was educated at Al-Maqasid Islamic Institute where the Foundation of his Islamic Knowledge was established. He was the top student to be admitted to the Pre-medicine program at the American Univeristy of Beirut and later continued his education in Toronto, Ontario, where he grauduated as a Dental Surgeon from the University of Toronto.

In addition, he is the author of numerous books on islamic principles, was a regular contributor to the London Free Press, hosted a weekly radio show called, "Islamic Perspectives" and has written scores of reputable articles. In additon, Dr. Kassem is a visiting imam at a number of Islamic Centers and masjids across Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Kassem has led numerous Umrah and Hajj groups for over 25 years. With his immense knowledge on Islamic history and the seerah, he takes each group on guided tours, visiting prominent places in islamic history. Be prepared to walk in the footsteps of the Prophet (sws) as Dr. Kassem recounts stories of the Prophet (sws), his companions, revelation and much more. 

Dr. Munir El Kassem is married with 6 children and currently resides in London, Ontario. 

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