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Egypt Tours with a Local Private Guide

Step back in time to the land of the Pharaohs and discover sand-covered tombs, mighty pyramids and some great architecture from medieval Islam. Do so through the eyes of a local Egyptologist, on our tailored guided Egypt tours. A trip to Egypt will unearth your inner explorer as you make your way through the Valley of the Kings and Queens in Luxor, gaze upon ancient hieroglyphics, trek through the desert, and cruise down the Nile, stopping at ancient temples just as the Pharaohs once did.
Tap into our Destination Experts’ knowledge and experience the best way to travel Egypt. With a personalized itinerary created just for you based on your interests and tastes, you will get to connect with Egyptologists and locals who are thrilled to share with you the stories of their land. Experience an authentic trip and feel at ease - as our on-ground support team takes care of you around the clock, at every step of the way.


Why Choose Al-Ibrahim Travel

The key to unlock the experience of a lifetime has never been closer, Al-Ibrahim Travel "A True Canadian Brand" is your ideal guide to exploring the astonishing discoveries and hidden wonders of Egypt in the most professional, comfortable and satisfying manner through our various Egypt tour packages. Your days will be heavenly with Egypt day tours and evening's truly magical as you sail Nile Cruises across immortal legacies. Most importantly, our foremost priority is the safety and peace of mind of our valuable clients!

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Egypt Tour
Wonders of Egypt

Explore wonders of Giza Complex and the awe-inspiring Pyramids - expert Egyptologist leads you through The Great Sphinx & Step Pyramid of Djoser. 


US$ 550.00 per person

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Astonishing Pharaohs

Traverse the primeval Kingdom of Pharaohs and the most fascinating “World’s Greatest Open-air Museum”.

CairoGizaSaqqara & Luxor

US$ 1350.00 per person

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Majestic Ancient Egypt

From Majestic Pyramids to land of Pharaohs, sailing on the Nile to Philae Temple Complex - this is stuff that dreams are made of. 


US$ 1750.00 per person

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